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Allison Janda, M.D.


Assistant Professor

Dr. Janda is a cardiac anesthesiologist and researcher at the University of Michigan interested in studying outcomes after cardiac surgery, as well as how intraoperative decisions and events impact end-organ injury, the patient experience, and cost after surgery. She works with the Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG), an international consortium of perioperative databases coordinated at U-M, to perform retrospective observational studies pertaining to her interests in perioperative outcomes. She aims to apply the resources of the MPOG database to aid in the development of pragmatic clinical trials to study intraoperative care, postoperative complications, cost, and patient-centered outcomes and serves as the Site Co-PI for the Trajectories of Recovery after Intravenous propofol versus inhaled VolatilE anesthesia (THRIVE) Study at the University of Michigan. Additionally, she is the Chair of the MPOG Cardiac Anesthesia Quality Improvement Subcommittee which works to develop measures and tools to improve the quality of care for cardiac patients.

University Affiliation(s)

Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation

Community and Professional Affiliation(s)

Michigan Integrated Center for Health Analytics and Medical Prediction

Research Area(s)

Clinical Outcomes | Clinical care | Clinical research | Health outcomes | cardiovascular diseases | patient outcomes


  • Co-investigator of: Evaluating Treatment-Specific Recovery Patterns for Aortic Valve Disease
  • Co-investigator of: COmparing iNoTRope prACtice variaTION in Cardiac Surgery (CONTRACTION-CS)
  • Co-investigator of: Analysis of Anesthesia Medications Delivered in Acute Care Hospitals
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