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Aleda Leis, PhD, MS


Research Investigator
Public Health

I am a Research Investigator in the Department of Epidemiology Center for Midlife Science and Center for Respiratory Virus Research and Response within the University of Michigan School of Public Health. My research program focuses on the effects of comorbid medical conditions, particularly cardiometabolic diseases with an emphasis on diabetes and obesity, and their joint effect on adverse events across the midlife and late-life periods. Additionally, I am examining methodological barriers to effective study of influenza and respiratory disease severity among hospitalized patients, particularly around the use of test-negative study designs. Prior to my doctoral program in Epidemiologic Science, I worked as a staff statistician in the Anesthesiology Department at Michigan Medicine, as well as for the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. I have worked with large Electronic Health Record (EHR) databases, including the Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG) intraoperative database and the Michigan Genomics Initiative (MGI), as well as longitudinal cohort studies including the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN), the Michigan Bone Health and Metabolism Study (MBHMS), and the Longterm Outcomes of COVID-19 and Influenza study (LOCI).


Polygenic risk of diabetes and postoperative acute kidney injury

University Affiliation(s)

Center for Midlife Science | Center for Respiratory Virus Research and Response | Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Research Area(s)

Biostatistics | Clinical Outcomes | Diabetes and management | Epidemiology | Infectious Diseases | Mathematical modeling & statistical analysis | Obesity | Other | Population Health | cardiovascular diseases


  • Co-investigator of: Surveillance of Acutely Ill Adults with Respiratory Viruses, including SARS-CoV-2
  • Co-investigator of: Michigan-Ford Initiative to Measure Vaccine Effectiveness (MFIVE): Seasonal Influenza, COVID-19 and Respiratory Virus Vaccines
  • Co-investigator of: Risks and benefits of osteoporosis medications for adults with cerebral palsy
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