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Amy Bohnert


PhD, MHS in Mental Health, Johns Hopkins University

Amy S.B. Bohnert is a mental health services researcher with training in public health who focuses her research on epidemiology and brief interventions regarding substance use and related disorders. Within a team of collaborators at the University of Michigan and the Department of Veterans Affairs, she has led a number of projects related to overdose and prescription drug safety. A number of her research activities have been specifically aimed at improving care occurring in substance use disorder treatment settings. Dr. Bohnert has demonstrated a particular expertise in applying epidemiology methods to the analysis of electronic health records-based datasets to answer important questions for health services delivery. Dr. Bohnert earned her PhD in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University and completed her postdoctoral fellowship with the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Serious Mental Illness Treatment Research and Evaluation Center in Ann Arbor, MI. She has an appointment as an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan.


PROMPT Precision Health Study, Precision Opioid Prescribing

University Affiliation(s)

CHCR | Depression Center | IHPI

Research Area(s)

Clinical care | Clinical research | Sensors and Wearables