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Nazanin Andalibi, PhD


Assistant Professor

Nazanin Andalibi, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI). She directs the Marginality in Socio-technical Systems (MiSTS) Research Group. She is also affiliated with the Center for Social Media Responsibility (CSMR), the Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing (ESC), and the Digital Studies Institute. Her research interests are in social computing and human-computer interaction. Specifically, she studies the interplay between marginality and technology. She examines how marginality is experienced, enacted, facilitated, or (can be) disrupted in and as mediated through sociotechnical systems.


Emotion artificial intelligence implications in high stakes contexts

Research Area(s)

Health disparities | Human-Computer Interaction | mobile health | social media use | technology


  • Principal investigator of: CRII: SaTC: A Human-Centered Response to Emotion Recognition Technologies
  • Co-investigator of: CHS: Small: Designing Inclusive Social Media: Disrupting Public Stigma through Theory-Driven Sociotechnical Interventions
  • Principal investigator of: HCC: Small: Advancing Equity and Safety on Social Media through Explicating Intersectional Identity Visibility for Marginalized Individuals
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