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Antonino Oliveri, PhD


Staff Scientist
Michigan Medicine

Antonino is a Staff Scientist at Michigan Medicine. He codes mainly in R and BASH, but has also worked with SAS, STATA, MySQL and Python. He enjoys working with the tidyverse packages and creating clear, clean and interactive reports and data visualizations with ggplot2, shiny apps and R Markdown. He has a passion for analysis and is interested in coding and learning new programming and statistical skills. He has experience in genotype-phenotype association studies using NGS Data, applications of machine learning algorithms and a background in clinical trials, survival analysis, dimensionality reduction and other statistical topics. He speaks English and Italian. You can view his portfolio here:



Research Area(s)

Bioinformatics | Biostatistics | Diabetes and management | Disease Modeling | Genetics / Genomics / other OMICS | Obesity