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Kelly Bakulski, PhD


Associate Professor
Public Health

Dr. Bakulski’s research team goal is to understand the environmental and genetic etiologies of neurological disorders, and in the process promote the conduct of rigorous science and the development of scientific expertise. Dr. Bakulski is an environmental health scientist with expertise in life course heavy metals exposure testing with neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration. She is also a molecular epidemiologist with experience conducting analyses across multiple levels of the genome, including the epigenome and the transcriptome. Dr. Bakulski’s research incorporates population approaches and laboratory experiments to develop biomarker and cell type tools that inform molecular epidemiology inferences. Dr. Bakulski is passionate about teaching and mentoring.


Environmental and genetic risk factors for neurologic disorders

Research Area(s)



  • Co-investigator of: Project 2 Puerto Rico Testsite for Exploring contamination Threats (PROTECT)
  • Principal investigator of: Sex-Specific Risk for Psychiatric Disorders From Perinatal Lead Exposure: Brain Region and Cell Type Effects
  • Principal investigator of: Prenatal Environmental Exposures and Molecular Signatures of Autism in the MARBLES Cohort