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Cathy Goldstein

Clinical Associate Professor

University of Georgia, BS, Mathematics (2001)
Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Health Sciences University, MD (2005)
University of Michigan School of Public Health, MS, Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis (2015)
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Residency (2009)
Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Sleep Medicine Fellowship (2010)

Dr. Cathy Goldstein is a sleep neurologist who completed her fellowship at Northwestern University in 2010. She is highly regarded on a national level as the editor of the Circadian Rhythms section of UpToDate, associate editor of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, chair of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Artificial Intelligence committee, author of numerous book chapters and review articles, and frequent presenter of the circadian rhythms content at national conferences. Her research has focused on the use of wearable devices to optimize sleep for athletic performance and assessment of the contributions of sleep duration and quality on chronic health conditions (currently reproductive and gastrointestinal disease).  

Because sleep is inextricably linked to virtually every health outcome and insufficient sleep quality and duration are most relevant when present on a persistent, daily basis, the longitudinal measurement of sleep (as opposed to single night, gold-standard polysomnogram [PSG]) is a crucial need in healthcare. Appropriately verified consumer facing wearable sensors, will allow, for the first time, long-term, inexpensive, objective sleep measurement alongside other health metrics and provide the opportunity for granular, real-time sleep assessments without excess burden to the patient.  Therefore, in collaboration with mathematics (Drs. Olivia Walch and Danny Forger) we have developed algorithms adapted to raw data derived from the Apple Watch to estimate sleep with excellent sensitivity (90%), specificity (67%) and accuracy (88%) compared to PSG. 

Dr. Goldstein hopes to incorporate sleep into Michigan Medicine’s precision health initiative with the ultimate goal of developing patient-specific, non-pharmacological sleep interventions to improve disease management and quality of life.  The first step in this goal is to leverage the MIPACT data set, to accurately phenotype longitudinal sleep patterns in individuals with overnight use of the Apple Watch, and determine the sleep disturbances and patterns relevant to disease management and progression. 


I currently collaborate with mathematics to validate the ability of novel algorithms to estimate sleep and circadian phase when applied to raw signal from the Apple Watch.

University Affiliation(s)

Sleep Disorders Center

Community and Professional Affiliation(s)

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Research Area(s)

Clinical care | Clinical research | Computational Biology | Data science / Analytics / AI | Health outcomes | Other | Sensors and Wearables | Sleep


  • Co-investigator of: Electrocardiomatrix-based evaluation of P-wave indices in patients with obstructive sleep apnea
  • Co-investigator of: Ambulatory Sleep Phenotyping and Real-Time Assessment of Symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis: Application of Novel Algorithms with a Multisensory, Wrist-Worn Device
  • Principal investigator of: Development and testing of a sleep tracking app for clinicians and researchers built on open-source algorithms
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