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Charles Mayo, PhD FASTRO FAAPM


Clinical Professor

My primary research interest centers on constructing standardized large scale data bases from routine practice data for use in integrating artificial intelligence driven modeling into clinical care. As Director of Informatics and Analytics in the Department of Radiation Oncology I led our team in creation of our platform, named the Michigan Radiation Oncology Analytics Resource System (MROAR), that aggregates, integrates and harmonizes data from the several commercial data systems used to treat radiation oncology patients into a single, easy to use platform. My work with that system includes developing novel methods and visualizations combining statistical and machine learning methods to construct outcomes models to detail actionable clinical thresholds for the purpose of reducing incidence of radiation dose related toxicities and other undesirable outcomes such as emergency room visits. My work includes strongly promoting incorporation of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) into routine clinical practice through development of aggregation data bases and applications, and integration of PROs with clinical parameters in outcomes modeling. In addition, I work on development of software applications to automate treatment planning incorporating histories of plans from previously treated plans collected in MROAR.


Automated statistical AI analysis, O3

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Artificial Intelligence | Basic and Translational cancer research | Clinical care | Computational Data Science | Health outcomes


  • Principal investigator of: Enhancing Head and Neck Cancer Care by Synthesizing Genetic, Clinicopathologic, and Dosimetric Data
  • Principal investigator of: Combined EHR, PRO and WTD in AI Prognostic Model Dashboards Reducing ED visit for HN Patients
  • Co-investigator of: Individualized Response Adaptive Radiation Therapy
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