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Dave Bridges

Assistant Professor
Nutritional Sciences
Public Health

PhD in Biochemistry

My team wants to understand the molecular networks that lie at the intersection between metabolism and health. I did my undergraduate and doctoral training in Biochemistry at the University of Calgary,  followed by a fellowship with Dr. Alan Saltiel at the University of Michigan. During that time we used several model systems including yeast, flies and mice to elucidate a variety of novel aspects of metabolic regulation. My team studies the molecular, cellular and physiological changes associated with obesity. We are particularly interested in the role of the central nutrient responsive protein kinase mTORC1, how it is altered in weight gain and how its activation affects obesity related co-morbidities. With a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying obesity, we hope to better prevent and treat obesity in the future.


Genetics of Obesity, Individual Responses to Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diets

University Affiliation(s)

MDRC | MLEEaD | MNORC | Rogel Cancer Center

Research Area(s)

Disease Modeling | Genetics / Genomics / other OMICS


  • Principal investigator of: Signaling Adaptations to Low Carbohydrate, High Fat Diets
  • Co-investigator of: Early postnatal nutritional programming of insulin resistance and hepatic dysfunction
  • Mentor of: Effects of Manipulation of the Feeding Window During Gestation on Maternal and Child Health
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