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Matthew Diemer, Ph.D.



Matthew A. Diemer is a developmental psychologist who examines how young people analyze, negotiate, and challenge racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and other constraints in school, college, work, and civic/political institutions. He is particularly interested in how marginalized people develop critical consciousness, which is a careful analysis of societal inequalities, the motivation to produce social change, and participation in social or political action to challenge inequality. His most recent work articulates guiding principles for Critical Quantitative (CritQuant) methodology and anti-racism in measurement.

University Affiliation(s)

Psychology (LSA); Stone Center on Inequality Dynamics; Research Center for Group Dynamics (ISR); Poverty Solutions

Research Area(s)

Mathematical modeling & statistical analysis | Measure Validation; Item Response Theory; Structural Equation Modeling | youth well-being and development


  • Principal investigator of: Mixed-Methods Exploratory Study of Disciplinary Practices in Public PreK Programs in New York State with a Focus on Historically Underserved Children
  • Principal investigator of: Youth organizing trajectories: Critical consciousness, developmental competencies, and school engagement
  • Principal investigator of: A patient-centered adaptive intervention to increase male partner engagement for the elimination of mother-to-child transmission in South Africa
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