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Jeffrey Fessler

William L. Root Collegiate Professor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

PhD, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
MS, Statistics, Stanford University
MS, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
BS, Electrical Engineering, Purdue

Jeffrey A. Fessler is the William L. Root Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (ECE Division) in the College of Engineering. He is also affiliated with the Biomedical Engineering Department and with the Division of Nuclear Medicine within the Department of Radiology. His research interests include medical imaging, tomography, nonparametric estimation, and inverse problems, with current and past projects in X-ray CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, radiation therapy, and image registration. He is interested both in developing algorithms for these problems, as well as analyzing and predicting the properties of these algorithms. His group works on a wide variety of imaging projects, both for medical imaging and some nonmedical imaging problems.

Research Area(s)

Data science / Analytics / AI | medical imaging | predictive modeling