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Jaclyn Goodrich, PhD


Public Health

My research interests combine toxicology, epidemiology and epigenomics with the goal of identifying environmental exposures and their mechanisms that contribute to disease susceptibility at various life-stages (in utero, early childhood, and adulthood). Epigenetic modification by environmental factors is one mechanism that can link exposures to toxicity and disease outcomes. I am assessing the impact of exposures from the workplace (e.g. firefighting) or the broader environment (e.g., lead, phthalates, PFAS) on epigenetic modifications (DNA methylation) in epidemiological cohorts from around the globe using both candidate gene and epigenome-wide approaches. I integrateĀ data on exposures, DNA methylation, and health outcomes to better understand personal disease risk from exposures at vulnerable life-stages.


Firefighter Cancer Cohort Study; Environmental Epigenetics and Precision Health

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Epidemiology | Genetics / Genomics / other OMICS | Global Health