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Grace Kanzawa-Lee, PhD, RN


Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Kanzawa-Lee is an oncology nurse practicing in the Rogel Cancer Center Adult Infusion unit and conducting research as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the U of M School of Nursing. Her research primarily focuses on exercise oncology and behavioral interventions for cancer treatment-related pain, neuropathy, and symptom management.Her scholarship also focuses on student wellbeing and learning.


Physical activity during late-line cancer treatment for GI cancer

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Basic and Translational cancer research | Behavioral medicine | Breast cancer | Clinical Outcomes | Clinical care | Clinical research | Health outcomes | Implementation | Learning health sciences | Measure Validation; Item Response Theory; Structural Equation Modeling | Metastasis | Mood | Physical Activity | Sensors and Wearables | Social Determinants of Health | Symptom management | mental health | mobile health | patient outcomes | technology | youth well-being and development