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H.V. Jagadish

Bernard A Galler Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics

PhD, Stanford University

Prof. Jagadish studies the integration of data from multiple sources, and the usability, by non-technical users, of complex databases. Some questions he asks are: What happens when you can connect many different databases that are autonomously organized and managed? How can you query and integrate and analyze all the information that you potentially have access to? How can one represent, and account for, variations in information structure and in information quality? How can one make structured databases as easy to query as it is to google the web? How can scientists, and other non-technical users, build and query databases easily? How can we support the analysis of data, with machines and humans each doing their part? How can we efficiently keep track of the provenance of data and provide meaningful explanations of unexpected results to scientists? How can one exploit the vast quantities of information available to us today to better interpret observations at the bench or the bedside?


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Data science / Analytics / AI