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Joshi Alumkal

Wicha Family Professor of Oncology and Professor of Internal Medicine; Prostate/GU Oncology Section Head; Associate Heme-Onc Division Chief for Basic Research
Internal Medicine

MD, Baylor College of Medicine
Residency, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Post-doctoral fellowship in cancer epigenetics, Jim Herman Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University

Joshi Alumkal is a physician-scientist. The Alumkal Laboratory’s main emphasis is to understand how genomic and epigenomic changes contribute to lethal prostate cancer progression. They use biochemical, genomic, and epigenomic approaches in cellular models to clarify mechanisms by which key transcriptional regulators function. The most important goals of Alumkal’s studies are to identify therapies that effectively target and interdict lethal prostate cancer progression and to conduct innovative clinical trials designed to validate the molecular and clinical effectiveness of novel therapeutic agents.


Precision therapy for prostate cancer

University Affiliation(s)

Rogel Cancer Center

Research Area(s)

Basic and Translational cancer research | Genetics / Genomics / other OMICS | Systems biology | Targeted therapies