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Hui Jiang

Public Health

Dr. Jiang has broad training in statistics, computational mathematics, and computer science, with expertise in statistical genomics, bioinformatics, and statistical computing. He is interested in developing statistical and computational methods for the analysis of large-scale genomics data with specialties in RNA-Seq data analysis and cancer genomics. Many of his methods were incorporated into software tools used by biologists and bioinformaticians in their data analysis.


Statistical and computational methods for asymmetric integration of datasets from different cancers

Research Area(s)

Bioinformatics | Computational Data Science | Genetics / Genomics / other OMICS | Mathematical modeling & statistical analysis | next-gen genomic sequencing


  • Co-investigator of: Non-invasive early detection of kidney cancer via trans-renal, cell-free tumor DNA in urine
  • Co-investigator of: Metabolically Targeting Epithelial-Mesenchymal Plasticity of Breast Cancer Stem Cells to Interrupt Metastasis
  • Co-investigator of: Defining the Biological Trajectory of Gleason 6 Prostate Cancer
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