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Michael Brenner, M.D.


Associate Professor

Michael J. Brenner, M.D. is Associate Professor and Co-Director of Branch Science at University of Michigan Medical School.  Nationally, he chairs the Outcomes Research & Evidence-Based Medicine Committee and has led an NIH-format study section. He is president of Global Tracheostomy Collaborative, whose learning community spans over 200 institutions in over 25 countries. Dr. Brenner’s research includes work in nerve regeneration, hearing, opioids, and health disparities.  His research has garnered NIH funding, foundation grants, and resulted in over 200 publications.  Dr. Brenner is passionate about growing future leaders and research to improve clinical care. 


Health Implementation, Opioid research

Research Area(s)

Clinical Outcomes | Facial paralysis | Health disparities


  • Mentor of: Effects of Corticosteroids on Facial Nerve Regeneration and Inflammatory Cascade
  • Principal investigator of: Mechanisms of Cochlear Oxidative Stress Injury and Strategies to Protect Hearing
  • Principal investigator of: Proposal to Investigate the Effects of Mitochondrial-target Peptides on Hearing Loss
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