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Michael Green, MD, PhD


Assistant Professor

The Green laboratory aims to accelerate progress in cancer care by effectively integrating immunotherapy with conventional cancer treatment modalities including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Our laboratory utilizes expertise in immunophenotyping and imaging to examine the role of programmed cell death and peripheral immune tolerance in cancer. We seek to define and harness the determinants of inflammation which shape anti-tumoral immunity and influence cancer therapy efficacy. In particular, we focus on understanding the molecular, metabolic, and cellular checkpoints which alter CD8+ T effector cell trafficking and function in the tumor microenvironment.  We conduct clinical, translational, and preclinical studies that allow us to develop novel therapeutic strategies to better treat cancer patients.


Outcomes of Oncology Patients

University Affiliation(s)

Rogel Cancer Center

Community and Professional Affiliation(s)

Ann Arbor VA

Research Area(s)

Basic and Translational cancer research