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Muneesh Tewari

Ray and Ruth Anderson-Laurence M Sprague Memorial Research Professor
Internal Medicine


Liquid biopsy biomarkers for cancer detection and monitoring, Precision monitoring of CAR-T patients for cytokine release syndrome prediction, Prediction of immunotherapy toxicities

Research Area(s)

Basic and Translational cancer research | Biomarkers | Clinical care | Clinical research | Computational Biology | Data science / Analytics / AI | Genetics / Genomics / other OMICS | Sensors and Wearables | Systems biology | technology


  • Principal investigator of: Exosomal RNAs as Serum Prostate Cancer Biomarkers
  • Principal investigator of: Early Diagnosis of Clear Cell Kidney Cancer via VHL/HIF Pathway-Regulated Circulating microRNA
  • Principal investigator of: RNA as a Hormone: Systemic Signaling in Mammals via Circulating, Cell-Free Small
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