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Pedro Lowenstein

Richard Schneider Collegiate Professor; Assistant Chair in DEI in Research

MD (cum laude), School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
PhD (summa cum laude), School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1984

Pedro R. Lowenstein, MD, Ph.D. is a Professor of Neurosurgery and Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan. He received his M.D./Ph.D. from the School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The focus of his research program is to discover the cellular, molecular, and mathematical basis underlying the growth patterns of malignant brain tumors, and the interactions between cancer cells with the tumor microenvironment, in both experimental models and in human patients. Another focus of his research program aims to harness the new information obtained on the mechanisms of tumor growth for therapeutic intent. Specifically, he will utilize nanoparticles targeted to peri-tumoral blood vessels to block GBM invasion. Recent work discovered that both rodent and human glioma cells and glioma stem cells disperse from the primary tumor inoculum by growing along peri-tumoral blood vessels. We predict that eliminating the vessels which support GBM growth and invasion will elicit long term survival of tumor bearing animal, and thus, this approach could become a future therapy for GBM. The long term goal will be to translate this strategy into early phase clinical trials. In this regard, Dr. Lowenstein’s pioneering work in gene therapy for glioblastoma multiforme has been approved by the FDA and a Phase I clinical trial will commence at the University of Michigan imminently.


Molecular drivers of malignant glioma growth and invasion

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Basic and Translational cancer research | Genetics / Genomics / other OMICS | Neuro-oncology