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Reetuparna Das

Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

PhD, Computer Science and Engineering, Penn State University

Reetuparna Das is an associate professor in the EECS department at the University of Michigan. Prior to this she was a research scientist at University of Michigan and also the researcher-in-residence for the Center for Future Architectures Research (CFAR). She has a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Her research interests include computer architecture and its interaction with software systems and device/VLSI technologies.


Hardware Accelerated Seeding for Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis, Maximal-exact-match seeding

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Research Area(s)

Other | next-gen genomic sequencing | read alignment


  • Funded by: DAS, Reetuparna
  • Funded by: DAS, Reetuparna
  • Principal investigator of: Accelerating Big Data Applications with in-Network Computing
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