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Marie-Anne Rosemberg, PhD, MN, RN, FAAOHN


Associate Professor

Dr. Rosemberg’s research focuses on identifying and addressing disparities related to occupational health, specifically in vulnerable working populations.  Her research examines the mechanisms through which workplace stressors affect the physical, mental, and behavioral health of U.S. workforces, including women, immigrants, low-wage workers, and racial minorities. Through her interdisciplinary work in public health, nursing, and occupational health, Dr. Rosemberg aims to reduce workplace hazard exposure, improve the well-being of at-risk workers, and promote changes in policy and practice across a variety of industries and working populations nationally.

Community and Professional Affiliation(s)


Research Area(s)

Biomarkers | Focus Groups | Health disparities | Health outcomes | Population Health | Surveys | Systems biology | alcohol and substance use/addictions | mental health


  • Principal investigator of: Stressors, Physiologic Responses, and Work Productivity Among Low-Wage Service Workers: A longitudinal Cohort Study
  • Principal investigator of: Effects of Non-Standard Work on Blood Pressure Outcomes Among Hospitality Workers
  • Mentor of: E-Cigarette Use and Tobacco Use Disorder among Working Adolescents and Adults: Data Triangulation with PATH and NIHS databases
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