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Shravan Veerapaneni

Literature, Science, and the Arts

PhD, University of Pennsylvania
BS, Indian Institute of Technology

The main focus of my research is developing large-scale computational tools for solving differential and integral equations on complex moving geometries that arise ubiquitously in engineering and biophysics. The core application areas of recent focus include biomembrane mechanics, blood flow modeling, cilia-driven flows and microfluidic-chip design. Another area of recent interest is the development of scalable solvers and machine learning techniques for autonomous vehicle mobility in off-road settings.


Cell mechanics

Research Area(s)

Biomechanics | Computational Biology | Computational Data Science | Data science / Analytics / AI


  • Principal investigator of: MPS-BIO: Collaborative Proposal: Mathematical and experimental study of lipid bilayer shape and dynamics mediated by surfactants and proteins
  • Principal investigator of: Scalable numerical methods for solving PDEs on moving geometries
  • Principal investigator of: Fast high-order methods for electrohydrodynamics of vesicle suspensions
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