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Simpa Salami, MD, MPH

Associate Professor

Simpa S. Salami, MD, MPH, is a fellowship-trained, board-certified Urologic Oncologist and Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Michigan. Dr. Salami is a translational surgeon-scientist whose research interests are in early detection and staging of prostate and kidney cancer. He has served on several national guideline committees, such as the AUA Prostate Cancer Early Detection Guidelines, the NCCN Prostate Cancer Early Detection Guidelines, and the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Imaging PSMA PET Appropriate Use Criteria Working Group. His research is supported by multiple sources and includes funding from the Department of Defense, National Cancer Institute, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

University Affiliation(s)


Research Area(s)

Basic and Translational cancer research | Biomarkers | Genetics / Genomics / other OMICS | Prostate cancer | next-gen genomic sequencing


  • Principal investigator of: Non-invasive early detection of kidney cancer via trans-renal, cell-free tumor DNA in urine
  • Consultant on: The Novel Biopsy Needle Design to Minimize Needle Deflection and Optimize Needle Positioning to Improve Lesion Sampling Accuracy Using a Coregistered MRI/US Fusion Biopsy Platform
  • Co-investigator of: Transrectal Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Dual Imaging Guided Biopsy of Prostate Cancer
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