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Ben Singer, MD, PhD


Associate Professor

Benjamin Singer is a pulmonary and critical care physician whose practice focuses on chronic critical illness and the care of patients requiring mechanical ventilation at home.  His research laboratory focuses on vulnerability to long term organ dysfunction, and especially brain dysfunction, in sepsis survivors.  In collaboration with the laboratory of Katsuo Kurabayashi, he also works on developing rapid, sensitive digital assays for protein biomarkers for preclinical and clinical applications.


Development of near-to-patient protein biomarker assays for immunophenotyping in critical illness

University Affiliation(s)


Research Area(s)

Critical Care | Disease Modeling | Infectious Diseases


  • Funded by: SINGER, Ben
  • Multi-PI on: Steatohepatitis in obese pneumo-sepsis survivors: The spark that lights the flame
  • Principal investigator of: Sepsis-induced epigenomic reprogramming of human neurons, microglia and astrocytes
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