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Ambuj Tewari

Literature, Science, and the Arts

PhD, Computer Science with Designated Emphasis in Communication, Computation and Statistics, University of California at Berkeley
MA, Statistics, University of California at Berkeley
B. Tech., Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Dr. Tewari’s primary area of research is machine learning. He likes working on the mathematical foundations of machine learning algorithms as well as finding new application areas for machine learning. Topics he has worked on recently include statistical learning theory, online learning, bandit problems, reinforcement learning, high-dimensional statistics, and optimization for large-scale learning. He is also working on applications of machine learning to problems in behavioral sciences, computational chemistry, computational biology, learning sciences and complex networks


Depression monitoring and treatment using mobile phones, Precision psychiatry

Research Area(s)

Artificial Intelligence | mobile health


  • Co-investigator of: Chemist-in-the-Loop Artificial Intelligence for Reaction Discovery
  • Principal investigator of: FAI: Model Debiasing and Data Collection for Improving Fairness with Applications in Learning Analytics
  • Co-investigator of: AI Institute: AI Institute for Dynamic and Autonomous Systems
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