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Vincent Alessi

Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics

Vince Alessi is a scientist, inventor, and organization builder focused on computationally enabled diagnostic and treatment innovation in adult neuropsychiatric and inflammatory diseases. Following his service with the United States Departments of Defense and Energy, Vince founded Covaron Advanced Materials, Aquaro Diagnostics, where he served as CEO and CEO/CTO. His work has been recognized and supported by the National Science Foundation, a Harvard Medical School Procter Fellowship under Professor David Sinclair, an MIT SAE Innovation of the Year, Forbes 30 under 30 (2016), Rockefeller University (as a guest researcher under Professor Bruce McEwen), Fellowship Materials Connexion’s Material of The Year, the 2019 Leigh Steinberg Foundation Brain Health Awareness Award, and others. He currently serves as Head of Strategic Information and associate director at The Interoperability (IO) Institute, while pursuing research under a studentship with Professor Brian Athey and Dr. Gil Omenn.


Congenital illness personalized therapies, Neuropsychiatric patient stratification, patient risk-stratification approaches

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