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Venkatesh Murthy

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Melvyn Rubenfire Professor of Preventive Cardiology
Internal Medicine - Cardiology

MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Murthy’s main research focus is in improved understanding and risk stratification for cardiometabolic diseases, which represent a cascade starting from obesity and adiposity and ending in atherosclerosis and heart failure. The two primary methods used are (1) quantitative imaging methods (positron emission tomography [PET], computed tomography [CT], and magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]) and (2) high throughput profiling of metabolites and other circulating biomarkers. These data are combined with a variety of quantitative, analytic approaches both to identify potential mechanisms and to assess potential for clinical risk assessment.


Metabolomics of Early Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolomics of Healthy Aging, Metabolomics of Insulin Resistance

University Affiliation(s)

Frankel Cardiovascular Center | MiCHAMP

Research Area(s)

Biomarkers | Clinical care | Clinical research | Health outcomes