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Walter Dempsey

Assistant Professor
Public Health

BA/BS, University of Chicago
PhD, University of Chicago

I am an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and an Assistant Research Professor in the d3lab located in the Institute of Social Research. My research focuses on Statistical Methods for Digital and Mobile Health. My current work involves three complementary research themes: (1) experimental design and data analytic methods to inform multi-stage decision making in health; (2) statistical modeling of complex longitudinal and survival data; and (3) statistical modeling of complex relational structures such as interaction networks. In the coming years, I will continue to design and apply novel statistical methodologies to make sense of complex longitudinal, survival, and relational datasets.



Research Area(s)

Bayesian Modeling | Behavioral medicine | Biostatistics | network analysis


  • Principal investigator of: Micro-randomized trials to assess brief just-in-time mobile interventions for suicidal outpatients
  • Co-investigator of: Assessing the effects of lighting interventions on fatigue in three populations of cancer patients
  • Co-investigator of: A Just-In-Time Adaptive Mobile Application Intervention To Reduce Sodium Intake And Blood Pressure In Hypertensive Patients
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