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Z. Morley Mao

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

PhD in Computer Science (UC Berkeley)

Z. Morley Mao is a professor at the University of Michigan, having completed her PhD at UC Berkeley on robust Internet routing protocol design and effective network measurement techniques to uncover network properties. She is a recipient of the Sloan Fellowship, the NSF CAREER Award, the ARMY YIP Award, and an IBM Faculty Award. Her other honors include the Morris Wellman Faculty Development Professorship, an EECS Achievement Award, and the College of Engineering George J. Huebner, Jr., Research Excellence Award at the University of Michigan. Her current research focus encompasses software-defined networking, AV security, network security, next-generation Internet protocols, and mobile systems.


Wearables for remote diagnostics

Research Area(s)

Data science / Analytics / AI | Sensors and Wearables | mobile health


  • Funded by: MAO, Z M
  • Principal investigator of: CNS Core: Small: QoXecutor: Enabling QoE Awareness for Next-generation Mobile Systems
  • Co-investigator of: FMRG: Towards a Cybermanufacturing Operating System to Enable Massively Distributed and Democratized Manufacturing
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